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Steps for setting up a Microcredential


Setting up a Microcredential

Microcredentials are short, focused credentials earned to demonstrate specific skills or knowledge. They are a flexible way to upskill or reskill quickly and are recognized for their practical relevance in the workforce.

Determine if a Microcredential is the Right Solution

  • Do you have department/college support for the microcredential?
  • Does the microcredential result in a skill that is relevant in the workforce? Does it fall under one of the following categories as defined by Lightcast, a service which identifies real time trends in labor market analytics?
  • Has a market analysis been performed by the university’s Market Intelligence and Analysis team to gather accurate, relevant and unbiased data to guide strategic decisions for program or microcredential development?
  • Does the microcredential meet the highest educational standards and how will you demonstrate this?
  • Does the microcredential have robust skills or a competency-based assessment process that accurately measures the achievement of learning outcomes?
  • Who is the audience and how do you know there will be interest in the microcredential?
  • How will you promote the microcredential?
  • Is the microcredential easy for individuals to access and complete? Is it designed to fit into the busy schedules of working professionals or employees?

Are you thinking of offering your microcredential for credit or noncredit?


  • All current credit processes apply to microcredentials:
    • KSIS for enrollment
    • Canvas for the Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Microcredentials must be less than 12 credit hours.
  • Stackable microcredentials are encouraged.


  • Noncredit process for microcredentials include:
    • Enrole Registration System
    • Canvas Pro for the online Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Offer a noncredit version of the microcredential for professionals who do not need credit towards a degree.
  • Noncredit has more flexibility in how an offering is set up.

Microcredential Information Form

The Microcredential Information Form notifies us that you are ready to begin developing a microcredential and would like to start the process.

You will be asked to provide your contact information and some information about the proposed microcredential.

Once the proposal form is submitted, a Global Campus program administrator will contact you to discuss next steps.

Submission of Official Forms

After the intake and consultation process is completed, the submission of official forms occurs. Global Campus Program Administrators will assist you with the submission of the official forms.

K-State Microcredentials Approval Policy
Micocredential Credit Curriculog Proposal Form (fillable form for preparing to submit proposal-PDF)
Microcredential Noncredit Curriculog Proposal Form (fillable form for preparing to submit proposal-PDF)
Digital Badge Information Form(fillable PDF)

Build your K-State Microcredential

  • Notification of approval from Faculty Senate
  • Instructional design resources:

Global Campus instructional design team – contact

K-State Teaching and Learning Center (link to

K-State Office of Assessment (link to

Launch the Microcredential

Once all the necessary documentation has been submitted, you will be provided with further instruction and notified when the microcredential has been approved. Global Campus will assist you in establishing the microcredential.