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About K-State Microcredentials

Microcredentials showcase the knowledge you've acquired on the road to mastering skills in your area of interest. Smaller than a minor, certificate or degree program, microcredentials equip learners with digital badges that showcase achievement and demonstrated skills.

Harness the Power of a K-State Microcredential

K-State Endorsed

Quality is paramount. K-State Microcredentials are developed, approved and endorsed by the university.

Flexible Delivery

Market-aligned learning opportunities delivered in a short and flexible time span.

Choose What You Learn

Freedom to learn what you want, without the financial and time commitments of a degree. Microcredentials can be credit-bearing or noncredit.


Microcredentials are designed to meet current and emerging market needs and align with relevant industry standards.

Portable and Shareable

Completion of a K-State Microcredential is highlighted in a digital badge so your achievement and competencies travel with you and are shareable.


Learn new skills and prove proficiency to potential and current employers.